CERN Science for
Open Data


Data Management

Use CERN technologies, like Jupyter Hub based SWAN platform, software, tools and infrastructure to analyze, manage save your data

Data Repository

Use Zenodo, a general-purpose open-access repository, that allows researchers to deposit their papers, data sets, software and any other research related digital artifacts

Data Reproducibility

Use REANA, CERN developed reusable and reproducible research data analysis platform that helps researchers to structure their input data, code analysis, containerised environments and computational workflows

Problems we tackle:

  • Big data Challange

    Huge and high dimensionality data size

  • Data Heterogenity

    in terms of sources, type, acquisition and storage

  • Data Analysis┬áDiversity

    Data Analysis differences in terms of assumptions, models and methods

  • Information vs Knowledge

    Data overload and excess of results

  • Data size

    overcome barriers related to data governance and storage defining common principles

  • Data heterogeneity

    overcome barriers of data access defining a global coordination of open data from multi-domain fields

  • Data analysis

    overcome barriers of analysis diversity defining common pipelines and approaches

  • Data overload

    overcome barriers of excess of information by complying with results reproducibility and multi-disciplinary expertise's exchange


Our tools and services

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